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Going Green for Lent

March 2, 2010

Whether someone is religious or not, many people participate in Lent in order to make a life change – at least for forty days and forty nights. Most of the time that means giving up some sort of junk food or bad habit you picked up again after the Easter holiday last year. Well, we’re two weeks into Lent, and some of us may have already started to waver from our goals. Don’t fret! We are officially giving you the opportunity to ditch those celery sticks and take a bite of that pizza once again.  People are “Going Green for Lent!”, and we’ll show you how.

To cut personal carbon instead of calories, some bishops of the Church of England asked people to go green by doing things such as flushing the toilet less often or cut vegetables thinner so they cook faster.Also, if you are in a relationship, try a romantic candlelit dinner with those light bulbs turned off!

An agency called Tearfund calls for a “Carbon Fast”, where they stress giving up certain technology and give the money to charity. For an easy carbon fast, a day without television, iPod, computer, or cell phone! Can you imagine? There are also recommendations to avoid sitting in the car while it is running to cut back on emissions. You can also try to save the environment a little by not rushing to the mall for a new pair of pants when a button falls of your clothes, but trying to sew that button back on again! It’s the little simple things that add up and make a big difference. This is especially true when a large group of people participate.

Are you going green for Lent? Tell us how and comment!

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