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Going Green in Your Kitchen

March 2, 2010

Sometimes in life, it’s the simple things that make all the difference.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey (ATUS), the average working American spends about two hours on household activities such as cooking and cleaning. So why not spend some of these two hours just a little greener?

Here are some easy to follow tips to make your day-to-day around the house activities, environment friendly.

Tip #1…Say good-bye to those bottles!

  • Instead of creating unnecessary waste, buy a neoprene bottle and fill it with water from your home. If you do not like to drink from your tap, get a water filter and fill your bottle from that.  Convenience is created by a water bottle and for those addicted to having water constantly on-the-go, take your own bottle, instead of churning and burning endless plastic ones.

Tip #2…Say good-bye to those disposables!

  • Get rid of those paper plates and other disposable tableware. Treat yourself and your guests by using real plates and silverware. And if its your job to pack the lunches, get reusable totes and pack the food in washable containers instead of plastic wrap. If there’s a spill during your packing or cooking, don’t reach for the paper towel-use a rag or dish towel to save excess waste.

Tip #3…Plastic or paper bags? NEITHER

  • Buy and use reusable tote bags at your favorite local grocery store. Sometimes it is easy to forget your bags at home, so write a reminder note on the top of your grocery list.

These simple tips are easy-take yourself  on a new adventure and enjoy going green in your kitchen.

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