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Generating Our Own Energy By State

March 5, 2010

After searching through some “green” blogs, I found this interesting post. Members from The New Rules Project, a program formed in 1998 out of Minneapolis, collected data from the most recent National Renewable Energy Lab Report and discovered that most states can supply its own electricity using renewable energy. Different regions throughout the country are capable of supplying different types of energy thanks to geological factors predominate in those areas:

Plains states/Midwest= have lower electricity needs and high winds, great for turbines

Atlantic coast states= offshore winds

West coast states= warmer weather means more solar power potential.

The group’s research says, “combine these all and we could provide electricity to the whole country many times over.”

The group even created a map showing the percentage of electricity each state could generate using either onshore and offshore wind power, hydroelectric and geothermal power, and rooftop photovoltaics.

Click on the link to read the entire article: Which States Could Supply Their Own Electricity With Renewables?

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