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Going Green in Your Kitchen-Part#2

March 9, 2010

Looking for more ways to go green in your kitchen?

Here are a few facts that may change your cooking hardware decisions…

  • If you want to practice “green” cooking, you are going to need some eco-friendly cookware.
  • The Environmental Working Group conducted studies concluding some common cookware is hazardous to your health. One type that should be avoided due to health reasons is Teflon. Teflon pots and pans have been saturated in perfluorochemicals to make food come easily out of the pan. The studies show that perfluorochemicals remain in the body for years and can be worse than DDT.
  • So, are you interested in some new non-teflon pots and pans? For those looking for the least expensive option Walmart carries an eco-friendly cookware set. Other places to purchase these green pots and pans include OrGREENic Kitchenware and greencookingpots.

Happy Green Cooking!

If you try these new cooking pans, compare them to your old pans and let us know what you like by commenting.

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