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March 10, 2010

I stumbled on an op-ed article that spiritual leader and author of more than 50 books Deepak Chopra wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle.  Chopra entitled the piece, Can “Evil” Corporations Become Conscious Corporations?. His answer is yes, but it ain’t easy.

He wrote, “to go green represents a shift in consciousness for anyone, whether an individual or a corporation.”

You might ask what a “shift in consciousness” actually means.  I recommend picking up one of Chopra’s books for a detailed answer, but in my own words, it means changing our thinking in order to change our behavior.  Chopra points out that corporations have done a great deal of consciousness shifting in the last century.  For example, the workplace is safer and more compassionate than it was decades ago when children worked in factories, and mine workers risked their lives every day at work.  After all, politicians in the current healthcare debate love to remind Americans our unique employer-provided healthcare system makes America different.  So, corporations can’t be that mean if they keep mom, dad and the kids insured.

Chopra writes that corporations aren’t that bad, but he warns the conglomerates to get it together with more sustainable, green initiatives or it’s going to get worse.  He thinks the corporate green eaters, the ones chopping down trees and stripping wooded hillsides, will eventually transform into green sustainers because, he writes, “Corporations face the same decline in natural resources that the world does in general, and they realize that wasting precious resources isn’t the smartest way to make money.”

So, Chopra believes that corporate America will eventually walk down the green path because it’s the social and corporate responsible thing to do, but what’s most interesting is how Chopra thinks corporations will reach that point.  Chopra writes the more we bring our home values like family, love and spirituality into our work life, where profit and competition usually reign, the more likely corporate America will become green.  So, like most things, it starts in the home.  So, get your home green first by following this blog every day and maybe, according to Chopra, your office will turn green as well.

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