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Carpooling Reduces CO2 Emissions

March 11, 2010

In Mid-Missouri we aren’t provided with mass transit like subways or an intricate bus system. The majority of the time, we have to drive everywhere we want to go. This hurts our pocketbooks and the environment. Carpooling is a simple way to reduce CO2 emissions. According to Sightline Institute: “Carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced per person when traveling by carpool compared to air and single occupancy car travel which are nearly the same.”

CO2 Emission: Sightline Institute (single passenger statistics):

– An economy car emits .59 pounds of carbon dioxide
– An average car emits 1.1 pounds of carbon dioxide
– An SUV emits 1.57 pounds of carbon dioxide

So to cut down on the CO2 emission, here are a few tips on ways to carpool:

1. Carpool with co-workers to your office.

2. Go with your roommate or neighbors to the grocery store.

3. Buddy up with your workout partner and ride together to the gym!

If you are interested in carpooling in Mid-Missouri, here are a few resources. Carpool listings by Zip Code

MoDOT Carpool/Commuter Lots (broken down by region and county)

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