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Going Green in the Bathroom

March 20, 2010

Some harsh chemical and surface cleaners can be harmful to your health and the environment. It is easy enough to go to the store and buy “organic” or “environmentally friendly” cleaners but there are a few things we should look out for when we intend to Go Green.

Here a few tips from “Green Guide: For Everyday Living”

  • Avoid unsubstantiated and vague claims, such as “natural,” “organic,” “ecologically friendly” or “non-toxic.” The term “biodegradable” is meaningless on cleaning products, as most substances will eventually break down given enough time and the right environmental conditions.
  • Look for cleaners in large containers or bulk packages, and buy concentrates, which use less water.
  • Although most cleaners don’t list ingredients, you can learn something about a product’s hazards by reading its label. Defined by the CPSC, the warning labels “Danger,” and “Poison” indicate that a product is corrosive, flammable or combustible, irritating or a strong sensitizer, and that they have the potential to cause serious personal injury or illness during, or as a result of, normal use. Products labeled “Danger” or “Poison” are typically the most hazardous, while those bearing a “Warning” or “Caution” label are moderately hazardous.
  • Look for products packaged in post-consumer recycled plastic or cardboard.
  • When you get home, leave all products in the original packaging, which should provide instructions for use and any cautionary and first-aid information.

If you want to be the “greenest cleaner” around, check out this multi-purpose cleaner that is environmentally friendly and gives you the most bang for your buck!

The Velvet Hammer will tackle a myriad of tasks in your kitchen and bathroom, and throughout your house: Fiberglass tub/showers, ceramic tile and sinks, butcher block, paint brushes, stovetops and ovens.

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