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Ecstatic about Environment Entertainment

March 23, 2010

Learning about the environment is the first step to going green. Protecting the world around us on a daily basis in our homes, workplaces or schools stems from the overall concern of sustaining our environment. This includes keeping each ecosystem successful with the cooperation of each animal, plant, and human as they live and work together. So why not learn more about the animal and plant world?  See how recycling a plastic bottle or being aware of water conservation fits into the big picture encompassing our world as a whole…with Discovery Channel’s new series Life.

I watched the two premiere episodes this past Sunday night and the show is very impressive. Similar to Discovery Channel’s other series, Planet Earth, this new show focuses more on the animals in each environment and how they thrive and cooperate to sustain life. The first episode entitled “Challenges of Life” focused on the unique strategies certain animals and plants have adopted and acquired to survive the challenges presented in their environments. The second episode highlighted two interesting groups of animals, reptiles and amphibians, from all different habitats including deserts, ponds, swamps and even the rainforest. Due to my broadcast background, I was in awe with the videography and editing the show uses to showcase these animals in their natural surroundings. The equipment, time and labor put into these episodes was astounding–talk about dedication! The music was well-chosen and the pacing of the story keeps the viewer wanting more.

The good news is…there are a lot more episodes to come! After the first two aired last Sunday, two more episodes will be shown every Sunday night until April 18th. This coming Sunday’s episodes are mammals and fish. Also, if you missed the first two episodes, want to see behind the scenes footage, photos or learn more about the making of Life, click here.

Tune in this Sunday for an episode about mammals and  another about fish and let us know what you think!

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