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A Tribute to Spring

March 24, 2010

The trees aren’t quite green just yet where I’m blogging from, which is in Missouri, but the air is just starting to feel like Spring.  Of course, we had about a half inch of snow five days ago, so things could change, but right now I’m thinking positive.  I’m even considering what I can do to get outside more and enjoy this nice weather.  Gardening was my first idea, although I have zero experience with it, so I found some tips on gardening green.  Some of these ideas are difficult for me because I’m still living in an apartment, but hey, maybe they’ll work for your home.

Lauren La Rose with The Winnepeg Free Press wrote Eco-friendly Gardening, Landscaping Helps Makes Green Thumbs Greener. I imagine Spring-like weather is still a little ways away in Canada, but I guess they can start thinking about it.  La Rose interviewed a fellow who knows a good deal about eco-friendly landscaping.  Sean James is President of Fern Ridge landscaping.  He said to use your homes’ rainwater from your gutters to your advantage, directing it to areas of your yard that need it.  James has his rainwater flow through a bog and then in to a pond, which keeps the pond water clean.  He then scoops up this clean water from the pond to water his flowers.

If you don’t have a bog just sitting next to your house – I know I don’t – here are some more tips.  If you have the option, pick a wooden deck over a cement patio.  The patio means the water has to run off and find a place to go, but the wooden deck allows the water to seep below the deck, in to the soil where it belongs.

Let’s take this redirecting your rainwater from your gutters concept a step further.  Mathis Natvik with Natvik Ecological, another Canadian-based enterprise, suggests checking out your yard for the wet and dry spots.  And in areas where rainwater tends to collect, plant water-loving plants like irises, and in more dry spots, plant a dry meadow garden.  If you don’t know where your dry spots are, you can always go out in your yard and crawl on your hands and knees feeling for it, but this blogger recommends just checking out where the snow melts first – then you got it!

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  1. April 5, 2010 4:11 pm

    I’m amazed at how many folks are finally on the same page, after years of talking to the wall. Thanks for writing about this. If you ever have questions, search “Fern Ridge Landscaping”. We also do Eco-consulting!

    Sean James NPD

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