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2010 Heart of Green Awards

April 20, 2010

Why not celebrate and reward those who are actively going green in their communities? The hosted the Annual Heart of Green Awards on Tuesday April 20th at the LEED Gold Certified Hearst Tower in New York City. The Heart of Green Awards honor people and organizations that “take green to the mainstream”–to the heart of the American people. The Daily Green also honors green-going celebrities, one Lifetime Achievement Award winner and one Local Hero, nominated by The Daily Green audience.

In 2009, 12 people won the Heart of Green award. The winner of the local hero award was Greg Perry, an Ohio high school teacher started a class fundraising project to create the Ultimate Green Classroom. The project raised $150,000 and the classroom was completely refurbished with sustainable, non-toxic materials powered by the sun and open to the school and the community. To add to this challenge, at the beginning of the project Greg was diagnosed with cancer and started chemotherapy, still teaching his kids via Skype as they continued the project. He recovered and was able to help and see the completion of his ultimate green classroom with his students and the community.  His commitment to his work and the green movement, despite health complications is inspiring to all.

Drumroll please…Here are the winners of the 2010 Heart of Green Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Award for 2010 went to Ted Danson-the Emmy and Golden-Globe Award Winning actor who has been one of the nation’s most prominent ocean conservation activists for more than 30 years.  He is founder of the American Oceans Campaign (now Oceana) and in 2011 plans to publish his first book, a celebratory and cautionary look at the world’s oceans.

Jamie Oliver was honored as the 2010 Heart of Green Awards Food Revolutionary for his work in the ABC reality show “Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution.” His message promotes getting America back to its food roots and putting healthy, real foods into the schools of America.

The winner of the 2010 Heart of Green Awards Local Hero is Fred Schaeffer, for his dedication and work that led to the transformation of the decaying railroad bridge spanning the Hudson River.  The bridge is revitalized and now serves as New York’s newest state part, Walkway Over the Hudson.

Congratulations and cheers to these dedicated individuals on their quest for a greener America. To read more about this night of celebrating green-goers and for a full list of winners, click here Heart of Green Awards 2010

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