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Green Eggs

May 2, 2010

The town I currently live in grappled with whether or not it should allow folks to raise chickens within city limits in their backyards.  This debate happened a couple months ago, but it came to my attention that the debate at the time focused more on property values and the right to do what you want in your own backyard, instead of focusing on the green benefit of raising your own chickens and eating fresh eggs.  Here’s a link to one of the articles our local media covered.

A Green Living article by Pullen talks about the simplicity of keeping chickens in your backyard and eating their organic eggs.   Pullen wrote, “Keeping chickens requires surprisingly little in the way of specialist equipment. One of their requirements is somewhere safe and dry for them to roost at night.”  That doesn’t sound too bad; it’s all us humans really ask for to be honest with you.

I guess you can say eggs from chickens in your back yard are “green” eggs (For the sake of full disclosure, Dr. Suess made no contribution to this article) because getting your food from your back yard is a pretty green thing to do.

Here are a couple pros for raising chickens that Green Living and Pullen thought up:

1. The chickens will eat the scraps from your kitchen, which lowers the amount of trash bags the garbage man drives to the dump.

2. You just walk to your back yard to get the fresh eggs, limiting the amount of trucks needed to drive these chickens from farm to market.  A lower carbon footprint is always nice.

3. The chicken poop (sorry, I used the “P” word) is a good fertilizer.

4. You are personally raising the chickens so you know for a fact that the egg that pops out of that chicken is organic through and through.

Of course there are two sides to every story and chicken stories are no different.  Disease and parasites are a real risk, but if you are smart about it and talk with local chicken keepers, which the Green Living article advises, you’ll have fresh eggs, less trips to the grocery store, be more green and have a couple new friends in your backyard.

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