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Large Corporations Get Their Green On

May 6, 2010

Every little bit of green effort counts, but when a large corporation changes their business plan to become more environmentally friendly, going green becomes a large, company-wide effort. From making the work place paperless to focusing on recycling, corporations across the nation are involving their employees and clients in the green movement.

According to, the top 25 corporations who are focusing on their eco-friendly efforts include Starbucks, General Electric, Bank of America, Home Depot, Anheuser Busch, Target and Toyota.

  • Starbucks has a “bean-to-cup” approach, trying to make every step of the process environmentally conscious. The coffee cup sleeves are made of recycled paper saving about 78,000 trees since 2006.

  • Target is taking the green effort right to their product lines. In May 2008, the company announced the launch of an “eco-clothing” line at Barney’s, New York.  This line of eco-friendly fabrics is now available in Target stores across the nation.

  • Bank of America is making their operations more eco-friendly by reducing their paper use. From 2000-2005, the company reduced paper use by 32%. Their internal recycling program recycles 30,000 tons of paper each year, saving about 200,000 trees. Also, employees who buy a hybrid vehicle get a $3,ooo cash back reward.

  • Anheuser Busch has contributed to the green effort by modifying the size of their beer cans. The company trimmed 1/8 of an inch off the diameter of its beer cans saving 21 million pounds of metal per year. Good news for beer drinkers, this green change does not reduce the volume of beer.

  • Home Depot changed their not-so-green practices after a strong push from customers. The Rainforest Action Network identified the company as the world’s largest retailer of old-growth wood products. Once this news went public customers started an outcry of more than 45,000 calls and letters to stop this environmentally detrimental practice. Now the company abides by a “no old-growth sales” policy to ensure that their business operations do not affect rainforests in a negative way.

Is your company going green? Tell us about it!

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