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Columbia Center for Urban Agriculuture

June 22, 2010

Food is good. Here at the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture we spend our time thinking about local food. Well, we used to spend a lot of time thinking about local foods. Now spend most of the time growing and educating about local food. It is that time of year. Some greens have been available to eat out of the garden for several months now, but the big time garden season is about to land on us like a 500 lb. bag of tomatoes.

Food is good. That is where it starts. We all got to eat. It sure seems to make sense to eat fresh because it taste better, and to eat fresh you got to eat local. The more you dig into this idea you notice that those local food are grown up by local people. They are just like the rest of us, except for their service is to provide us with what sustains us each and everyday. By knowing your farmer you can start to guarantee things that sure seem important. Like is my food grown in ways that are healthy for the land and for me. Ask your farmer about this.

Food is good. Who doesn’t like to eat? What we have to have do each and everyday has become an art form. You’ll see anything from food smells produced in a lab to an entire TV station dedicated to food. I don’t think any of that beats being in the garden or talking to your farmer about what taste good today.

The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture is a local educational non-profit. We educate, advocate, demonstrate, and produce for local foods. We also offer garden services. We have two work sites where volunteers are welcome to come and help out. The garden is at the corner of St. Joseph and Ash and our volunteers hours are Thursday and Sunday nights from 5PM – 8PM. The farm is at the corner of Smith and Fay and our market and volunteers hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4PM – 8PM. Thursday evenings from 5PM – 8PM we also help run the volunteer workday at the Kilgore Pharmacy garden at 700 N. Providence. All produce grown their goes to help feed a low-income daycare.

For more information on programs, classes, workshops, services, etc. check out our website at or email

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