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Local nonprofit focuses on Solar Energy

July 13, 2010

Beginning in 2007, Show Me Solar began to grassroots organize as an organization focused on solar energy.  Incorporated in 2009 as a nonprofit public benefit organization and based in the state of Missouri the organization has quickly grown to become a leading source of information, education and training opportunities in the nation. Board operated and member supported, Show Me Solar’s mission is to educate the general public about the benefits of solar living and to advocate for the increased use of solar energy in the United States. To that end, Show Me Solar has hosted over two dozen events including free and low cost presentations, workshops, classes, and seminars and routinely participates in fairs, festivals and events related to renewable energy throughout the nation and it’s territories. Show Me Solar organizes installations of solar systems for demonstration and training purposes – events referred to as Energy Raisers. Show Me Solar also partners with the American Solar Energy Society to sponsor annual tours of solar systems as part of the ASES national solar tour event.

To learn more about the latest developments in the solar energy industry, find the information you need to go solar and make the contacts you need to be part of the solar energy revolution Show Me Solar welcomes you to attend a meeting or workshop online or in person, join their electronic mailing list, and help support their mission through membership donations and by volunteering your time at an upcoming event. Show Me Solar provides for-profit entities with access to their membership through sponsorship channels and non-profits with overlapping missions are also welcome to contact Show Me Solar regarding opportunities for partnership.

For more information and to contact please visit Show Me Solar website at:

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