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No Car, Low Car, and Whoa! Car Challenge

August 16, 2010

Contributed by Columbia Office of Sustainability

Mark your calendars and start preparing to take your non-motorized transportation to the next level with Pednet’s Fifth Annual

No Car, Low Car, and Whoa! Car Challenge – September, 2010

The goal of No Car, Low Car, and Whoa! Car Challenge is to help participants rethink their use of cars.  With a little planning and a healthy sense of adventure it IS possible to live low-car in America. Challenge participants will improve their health, save money, and help the environment.

How low can YOU go?

There are four levels of participation to fit everyone’s abilities.

No Car – No cars means, no cars.  These folks can not ride in or drive a car for the entire month of September.  Active and public transportation are the only acceptable means of getting around town.

Low Car – Low Car Participants get one weekend when they can drive or ride in a car during the month.

Whoa! Car – Whoa! Car Participants can drive or ride in a car one day each week

Business Traveler– Driving necessitated by work is allowable in this level, but all personal transportation must be done without a car.

How can I start preparing?

-Choose your participation level and main means of transportation.

-If you are going to be cycling, take a bike class or workshop:

Confident City Cycling – 08/21, 9am-6pm

Bike Skills 101 – 08/23, 6-9pm.

Tips to Keep You Going by Bike – 08/24, 6:30PM

-Get your bike tuned up.

-Start walking or cycling to run errands, visit friends, and go to work or school.

-Explore alternate routes to places you go most frequently.

-Think about obstacles you might encounter and plan ways to overcome them.

-Check out Columbia’s city bus services.

-Participate in Columbia’s first Cycle Chic Sunday Ride, 08/29, 4-6PM.

Website addresses for all events and classes are listed below.

Sounds fun! What’s in it for me?

A sense of satisfaction for taking on and overcoming a challenge.

-Cool prizes from awesome local sponsors including, but not limited to: Columbia Area Transit, Cyclextreme, Flatbranch, Klunk Cycles, and Walt’s Bicycles.

-The chance to share your experiences with the world in the Low Car Blog.

-Freebies and discounts all during the month with the Participant Perks Card.

-Group rides and events to celebrate low car living.

-Fun surprises and contests.

How do I sign up?

Go to to enter or email  List your name and participation level in the body of your email.

Helpful websites

Confident City Cycling:

Bike Skills 101:

Tips to Keep You Going by Bike Clinic info:

Cycle Chic Sunday, Columbia:

Cycle Chic Sundays:

Copenhagen Cycle Chic:

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