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Green Mommies: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

November 9, 2010

Let’s admit it. For most of us, going green is not easy. It can feel like teaching an old dog a new trick – sometimes it just doesn’t work. But what if being green was the norm for the next generation? What if we cultivated a green generation? Parents, and soon-to-be parents, here’s where you come in.

“Everybody’s very focused on that direction,” Stacy Welling, Vice President of Operations at Whaley’s Pharmacy in Jefferson City, said.

Welling just returned from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. She was there looking for new products for Whaley’s “Mommy and Me” line that features several green options for new and soon-to-be moms.

The options are not aplenty, but there are several gems out there. Like this training toilet made entirely from bamboo.

This training toilet has more than one use.

Not only is it made from a sustainable material, but once you’re done there’s no need to clear out space in the attic. Just bury it in your backyard where it will fertilize the live oak you’re planning on hanging a tire swing on.

Whaley’s also carries glass bottles, bathtubs made entirely from recycled plastic, and eco-friendly clothes. So what’s going green for your baby going to cost? It’s not too much more expensive than the mainstream alternative. The tub made from recycled plastic only costs $2 more than its regular plastic counterpart.

“The cost of obtaining the materials for these products is similar,” Welling said. “For just $2 more, I’d rather get an eco-friendly product.”

Welling says most people come into the store not specifically looking to find eco-friendly products, but they choose to buy when they find the prices aren’t that different.

Beyond obvious benefit to the environment, Welling says parenting green has other advantages.

“A lot of studies suggest exposure [to chemicals and detergents in clothing] is why so many more kids have eczema,” Welling said. “If you can’t read what’s on the label, you probably don’t want it on your body.”

Now, there are even products to help you go green before your bundle of joy comes. Another new product Welling picked up at the ABC Expo, it’s a line of herbal products designed for pregnant women – without chemicals. There’s a nipple cream, stretch mark lotion and face wash. An obstetrician developed the line and Whaley’s is the only place in Missouri to sell the product.

There are, of course, other ways to go green if you’re expecting. Secondhand goods from stores like Goodwill mean less waste in landfills. The new Goodwill store in Columbia has plenty of space for used clothing, as well as some bigger goods like cribs.

Check out a slideshow of some more products Whaley’s offers here.

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