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Go Green, Celebrate Green

March 14, 2011

This week, KOMU 8’s Alison Schutz shows us that “going green” has another meeting. St. Patrick’s day is Thursday and you can do more to celebrate the Irish holiday than dress like a leprechaun and drink green beer. Throw a green party while practicing going green and being mindful of the environment.

Here are some ideas for throwing an emerald eco-friendly bash.


  •  Send your guests Evites instead of paper invitations. Saves time and money.
  •  Use leaves as place cards. Write your guest’s names on them instead of using paper.


  • There’s plenty of green right outside your door that can be used as fabulous centerpieces.  Pick some clovers (four-leaf clovers if you get lucky), pine tree boughs, flowers and leaves. Cluster them on the center of a table or attach them to a wire and hang it over a door frame.
  • Carve out the center of green apples or green bell peppers and use them as candle holders.
  • Reuse your green Christmas tree lights and string around the room.
  • Find a big rock and write “Blarney Stone – Kiss for Good Luck!” on it.
  • Use washable napkins and tablecloths. Dig through your Christmas decorations for any green!
  • Use recycled green wine bottles and flower vases.


  • Dim the lights to create a sensual atmosphere and save on energy costs.
  • Open those windows! Turn off the heat or air conditioning and take advantage of the nice spring weather.
  • Create your own air fresheners with pine cones, flowers, cinnamon sticks, cloves, etc. Boil them in a pot of water to bring out the scents.


  • Skip the green dye and just serve green foods. Grabs some veggies, guacamole, salad, etc. Support your local farmer’s market and buy your goods there.
  • Instead of dying your beer, choose a beer that comes in green bottles. Serve Heineken and O’Doul’s. Don’t forget to recycle them afterwards!

You don’t have to be wasteful to have a good time. Party green and think green!

[These links helped with the ideas included in this post: eHow and Greenfest.]

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