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Companies Cleaning Up

April 8, 2011

This week, 8 Goes Green is interested in how companies are going green across the nation. KOMU 8′s Lauren Formica looking into how corporations are working to use innovative ways to keep their business as green as possible.

Going green can be easy and fun. Turning off appliances, recycling and reducing electronic usage are some ways to be environmentally conscious in your home. Sure, going green starts on this type of small scale. But have you ever wondered what companies are the biggest green supporters? Knowing the answers could help you decide where to shop, eat and even bank. Here are some of the biggest companies going green. Some of these green giants just might surprise you!

Bank of America is the biggest eco-friendly banking operation. From 2000 to 2005, this company reduced paper usage by 32%. Bank of America even has it’s own recycling program that recycles about 30,000 tons of paper each year. Doing this saves 200,000 trees each year. Not bad for a company that deals with green “paper” every day.

Here’s one that might come as a surprise…General Electric. Since 2006, General Electric has sold more than $12 billion in eco-friendly products. The company is also making huge strides towards cleaning up the Hudson River. If you’re looking for some green electronics, General Electric is the way to go.

Even the world’s biggest fast food chain is going green. Most people don’t realize how much McDonald’s is doing to help the environment. The company is working closely with PETA to reform its business, and to be more environmentally friendly. Next time you munch on a burger and fries, know that the places they were raised are eco-friendly.

It’s pretty uncommon to see environmental awareness in your favorite beer company. Anheuser-Busch is changing that. Busch saves 21 million pounds of metal per year simply by making the cans an eighth of an inch smaller. Imagine what could happen if all beer and liquor companies followed this trend. In case you’re worried, the trimming doesn’t reduce the amount of beer in each can!

Last but not least, we head to the most surprising business of all. Wal-Mart isn’t exactly known for it’s green movement. But the superstore giant has launched a long-term plan to break their stereotypical mold. The plan is to have every single Wal-Mart powered using 100% renewable energy. If this happens, Wal-Mart could soon be the most eco-friendly company in the world.

Virtually every big business is going green, but these companies deserve a little extra credit.

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