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Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products…Say What?

April 10, 2011

We are starting this week with a post from Liz Reed, but we are giving you a warning beforehand about the contents about this post. It’s a bit unconventional, but an interesting way to go green!

We’re about to discuss a very problematic, feminine problem that our male readers might freak out about… Shield your eyes now!

That’s your warning, now let’s get real–when it gets to be that time of the month, it’s hard not to notice all the plastic and paper waste that follows our cycles (not to mention the price). And nothing is more frustrating than having mother nature’s gift sneak up on you while you’re out and about and discovering you’re fresh out of um, supplies.

Cue Lunapad, the sustainable, healthy alternative to cotton tampons and pads. The company is women-owned and based in Vancouver, Canada. Founders Madeline Shaw and Suzanne Siemens say on their website (LINK “website” with this: the creation of Lunapads came from their “shared vision for better health for women and the planet.” The product is used by thousands of women in 40 counties, meaning one million less disposable tampons and pads in landfills.

According to the website, each washable cloth pad features a base with wings that fasten around the gusset of your underwear (thong-size is also an option) and a liner insert that secures to the top of the pad with “ric-rac bands.”

Lunapad come in all sizes and coverage for light to heavy days–all you need to do is measure the length your current disposable-pads as a guide, select your typical flow and voila! You’re on your way to a healthy, sustainable period.

All pads also come in a variety of cute prints and designs, for you fashion-forward ladies. And another plus? Lunapads are a safe alternative for women who develop bladder infections from tampons. The website also includes how-to videos, tips and testimonials with glowing reviews from current Lundpad users.

So if you’re ready to stop seeing red during your period and take “green” to the next level, try out Lunapad and give us your review!

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