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Eco-conscious Traveling

April 14, 2011

Sean Hirshberg shows us how we can lessen our carbon footprint while traveling. From the location to the hotel choice, it’s not difficult to go green while taking a vacation or a couple “sick days.”

When I think of “going green” I think of recycling and eco-friendly cars. One thing I never thought about when thinking of the green initiative is travel. But Go Green Travel Green provides some tips for finding an environmentally conscious destination. One of the most interesting tips deals with finding green accommodations and hotels.

Aside from one episode of Las Vegas, I never really thought hotels even had serious thoughts about being environmentally conscious, but in my opinion this is a very smart business decision. There is an entire market that this type of hotel accommodation would appeal to. An article  from Go Green Travel Green has useful tips on how to find an environmentally safe hotel.

While making a hotel environmentally conscious is difficult and can be costly, I think in the long run, it could pay off in tapping a somewhat untapped market for green accommodations.

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