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Green Wedding Guide

June 30, 2011

Summer is in full swing and wedding season is heating up. Among the many worries that crop up during wedding planning, perhaps you are following the trend, and you want to be as eco-friendly as possible on the big day. Well, you aren’t alone and here are some great ideas:

From the start: Don’t waste paper on hundreds of guests who check their email more than their mailboxes. Send E-vites. Greevelope’s basic package will only cost you $99 and the invitation acts like the real deal with a place to check yes or no –no postage required. Really wanna pinch every penny and go green with the invitations? Just Email the url for the wedding website and set up an RSVP on the site.

On to the venue: Finding ways to save on the venue, now that takes talent. Take a look at Pam and Joe’s bicycle wedding in Brooklyn. Now the weather may be slightly unpredictable in Missouri but think about using an outdoor venue as summer starts and the rain subsides. Even inside weddings held during the day cut down the use of lights which expend a lot of energy. Keeping the reception close to the site of the ceremony is more convenient for the guests but also cuts down on driving. We may not all be able to bike down the block to the wedding but keeping the reception close is typically doable.

Eco and Local Friendly Receptions: An easy way to go green with the food is buying local. Hire a restaurant that uses local ingredients to cater the reception. Serve local beverages such as Schlafly, Stonehill and Les Bourgeois. Not only are you helping the environment but you are also contributing to the local economy.

The dresses: An easy way to recycle is in the clothing. The dress is the big deal for most brides, the part that makes you feel like a princess. So why not get a one of a kind dress that is environment friendly too. Tailor an heirloom dress, buy vintage or check out Justin Alexander’s eco-friendly Pure line. When it comes to bridesmaids, try giving re-wearable dress choices for your posse. Allowing bridesmaids to choose the cut of their dress makes them more comfortable but also increases the chances they will wear it again. J. Crew has a wide selection of dresses, in many colors, cuts, lengths and fabrics.

How can the gifts be green? In this day and age it seems we all have too much baggage. Instead of requesting expensive pieces of china to add to a collection you might use once a year, think outside the box a little. Blogger Joanna Goddard broke down the honeymoon of her dreams into pieces and asked guests to contribute. There are even honeymoon companies that aim to create an eco-friendly theme while incorporating luxury at the same time.

You are already spending enough money, so go green and have one less thing to feel guilty over!


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