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Six MU Students Experiment in Sustainable Living

September 16, 2011

The six residents of Sustainahouse, photographed on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011, (left to right) Sally Waldman, Henry Hellmuth, Monica Everett, Katherine Seal, Li Tang and Claire Friedrichsen, were selected out of more than a dozen applicants to live in the house at 210 N. College Ave., in Columbia, Mo. They are experimenting on how to live with minimal impact on the environment.

COLUMBIA – Most college students returning to Columbia this fall were looking to live in the lap of luxury – with flat screen t.v.’s, free workout facilities, swimming pools with hot tubs, and free transportation to campus.

But, there are six students now living in a house on College Avenue who say they’d rather go without.

KOMU 8’s Chenfei Zhang introduces us to this group, living in the Sustainahouse.

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