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Green Gifts and More for Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2012

By Brian Pepoon

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day, and there are men that have not found their significant others the right kind of gift or haven’t chosen the right place for a Valentine’s date.  If you haven’t decided, this might be the year to keep the earth healthy and give your sweetheart something green rather than red or pink.  As the organic trend has become a staple in America, companies, restaurants, and wineries have begun to cater to those who like their gifts green.  So, here’s some green ideas for all of you this Valentine’s Day:Green Valentine's Day

Organic Chocolate:   If someone has a sweet tooth, go to a local organic market and pick up a box of organic chocolates. They’re not only pesticide free, but are also more likely to support free trade in countries that grow cocao in Central and South America.  Free trade farmers are more likely to make living wages and have better working conditions.

Flowers: Flowers are expected when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but in a week’s time, they start to turn brown and die. Rather than just throw them away, bring them to a composting site. Or even better, put them in your garden, if you have one, because the flowers can act as a natural fertilizer for the soil. Any little bit of natural fertilizer helps prevent the use of chemicals that are dangerous not only to the environment, but can have harmful effects on people as well.

Organic Dinner: Instead of going out for dinner, stay in, buy and cook locally grown, organic vegetables, meat and wine. It’s always romantic and special when you cook a meal yourself, more so than even a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant. Not only can you help save the environment, but you can also brag about what a great job you did making a special meal.  Or, if your dinner doesn’t turn out great, just say it’s the thought that counts, right? (Just make sure to go online and look up a recipe, fellas.  She won’t care if you had to cheat.) Get some Missouri-grown organic wine for the evening as well and you’ll have a full meal.

Organic Date:  In today’s technologically-driven world, it might be hard to think of anything eco-friendly to do, but a romantic walk along one of Missouri’s nature trails might be just the trick.  If the weather permits, take your date along on a quiet, private walk down a river trail. Don’t take your cell phones with you and just spend time with each other.  If it gets to be too cold, or the weather doesn’t pan out, stay in and cuddle up near a fire and share some chocolate dipped strawberries, or some other food of choice.  Maybe even read a book together.

Organic Gifts:  Maybe the most nerve-racking part of the day is what to get your date.  There are plenty of companies that now sell recycled-goods apparel for both men and women.  There are handbags made of recycled paper, purses made from recycled plastic water bottles, and plenty of clothes made from hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. They’re all more than stylish. There are also plenty of sites that sell organic jewelry, from amber to stones and wooden earrings.

Here’s to a Valentine’s Day that’s sweet and green.

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