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How to Build a Green Home

June 1, 2012

ImageWouldn’t it be nice to be environmentally friendly while you sit at home? Well that’s now possible with new technology and small changes to daily habits.

Smarr Custom Homes, a custom home builder in Columbia, is showcasing eco-friendly products and is educating people on energy saving techniques in their new “Home of Possibilities.” Open houses are every Sunday from 1-4 and run until the end of June. Kristen Smarr says these open houses give visitors a chance to see these products in a real home setting instead of in a showroom.

According to Smarr, small changes can make big differences in terms of energy use. Window covers, light bulbs and energy star appliances can cut down the amount of energy you use in your home. Certain types of wall paint have less toxins and different kinds of wood are harvested in a way that doesn’t damage the environment. 

“Sometimes the concept of green can be intimidating to people and so one of the things that we wanted to show people is there are small choices you can make that can have big impacts,” Smarr said.

Smarr says many times people see products on television or in magazines and think the products aren’t actually available to them locally. But this model home became an opportunity for local companies to showcase environment friendly products.

Wes Wise, commercial and residential salesman for DKB Showroom in Columbia, said a lot of the “green” products are used for commercial use rather than residential use. But he also says if residents invest in these products they can save money over time.

You can watch our broadcast story on the Home of Possibilities at

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