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Don’t just wear green this St. Patrick’s Day—Be Green!

March 17, 2012

Between the shamrocks, leprechauns, green beer, and green clothing, there’s no doubt the color green takes center stage every year on St. Patty’s Day. But this year, KOMU’s 8 Goes Green is challenging you to embrace another type of green on this very Irish holiday. With a few good environmentally friendly tips to always remember—no matter what day it is—we might perhaps be able to give our planet the bit o’ Irish good luck it needs. Erin go green!

Drink Green

Dyed, faux green beer might be your drink of choice this holiday, but did you know that by choosing a local, organic brand (in a non-disposable cup, we’d like to add) over something a little more mainstream, you’re actually drinking real green beer? Believe it or not, organically brewed beer is free of the chemicals found in other drinks—making it a truly green drink.

Wear Green

Okay, sure—you’re probably going to wear green anyway to avoid the ridicule and excessive amount of pinching, but how about truly wearing green by making sure your clothes are organic or recycled cotton? Not only are they sustainable, eco-friendly, and–dare we say–quite comfortable resources, but they also can be worn many times over.

And if you’re one of those who truly can’t part with the ever popular tradition of green beads, hats, and other decorations? No worries—just be sure to save them at the end of the day for future use instead of dumping them into the nearest trash can, or worse, street corner at the end of the day.

Drive Green

Last week, we told you ways to travel green in order to lighten the load on the environment…

and on your budget. Why not put them to use today as you head to and from the parade, bar, grocery store, neighbor’s party, or home this St. Patrick’s Day? While walking is always a great (and healthy!) option—we admit, it’s not always the most convenient. Try catching a taxi, using public transportation, or hitching a ride with your sober friends if needed. We suggest taking the shortest route home possible—which you’re probably hoping to do as well.

Spread Good ‘o Green Luck!

Find a four-leaf clover, and you’ll have plenty of leprechaun luck for yourself.

Plant one, and you’ll pass some of that luck on to the rest of the world. By spreading clover seeds (or planting sorrel, which looks quite similar to those lucky clovers), you’re reducing your carbon footprint, producing oxygen, reducing carbon dioxide, and helping the environment as a whole.

We’d like to know—how are you staying “green” on the most famous green holiday of the year?

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