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Electronic Tickets: Going Green on the Go

April 2, 2012

By Heather Trumpfheller

If you’re on the go, why not go green? Here are some tips for to keep on mind next time you’re planning to head out the door.

Credit: iStockPhoto

Airplane Ticket: A paper ticket costs about $10, whereas an e-ticket costs only $1. In the near future, e-tickets will be the only option, saving the airline industry $3 billion a year. In addition to financial savings, the amount of paper saved in this process will significantly help the environment. Using e-tickets is a more environmentally friendly approach. The Air Transport Association estimates if e-tickets were only used the industry would save the about of 50,000 grown trees per year.

Everyone benefits from electronic plane tickets. The customer gets easier handling of itinerary changes especially for last minute traveling. It’s also a more effective way to book, check-in and make sure you don’t lose your ticket! Travel agents also benefit by removing cost of printers, maintenance and ticket distribution. So next time you fly, electronic tickets are the way to go!

Traffic Ticket: Watch out for green parking tickets. E-tickets are quicker tools for writing citations. Your citations may now not be as harsh on the environment. According to KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City, along with saving paper, the e-citations will also be emailed to the court clerk’s office instantly and will cut down on thousands of dollars in postage. Oklahoma Highway Patrol tested out a system in July 2010 that copies your personal information from your license, dumps it into the computer and practically writes the ticket for the trooper. Also, Camden County in New Jersey is going the same route. Seven Camden County municipalities will start using automatic electronic ticketing system when issuing motor vehicle tickets to save tax dollars and cut operating costs.

Museum Ticket: The Natural History Museum in London also promotes electronic tickets as a great way to save time and the environment.

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